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Article / Interview / Tour 2018

What’s special about Bonnie Raitt?
Bonnie is the genuine article and has a good picture of who she is and where she stands in the artistic world. If anything, I think she’s too modest.

What can we expect from the concert?
Bonnie and I have joined forces for about a year now. We’re excited about bringing it across the ocean and playing on the home turf. You’ll see a lot of Bonnie’s songs and a lot of mine.

Is music as important as ever to you?
Yes. My career has been a series of lucky coincidences. Getting my first break from the Beatles was the mother of all big breaks. I am forever grateful to Paul McCartney especially.

Would you want to start out again today?
It’s different with YouTube and social media, so I cannot imagine it. I think I’m from another era, and I guess I am a product of a time before this world.

How competitive are you in your career?
I know I am competitive but I also know it doesn’t do me any good. I suffer from professional jealousy but that doesn’t motivate me to play the game. I’ve never considered music a competitive sport.

Which is your favourite career period?
The last 20 years. In that time I met and married my wife, Kim, and we had our twin boys, Rufus and Henry. It has been a fantastic few decades of touring with my incredible band.

What life lessons did your parents leave you?
Not to have children before you’re ready to settle down, make sure to avoid any major addictions, and try and stay out of debt. I got my passion for political activism from my parents. My mother, Trudy, was very active in civil rights in the 1950s.

Name one time your music made a difference?
Difficult. I’m always grateful when people tell me the difference that it’s made in their lives. But other people’s music continues to make a difference to me too.

Anyone you REALLY wish you’d recorded with?
I’ve always wanted to record with Aretha Franklin but it hasn’t happened. I last saw her two years ago when we appeared as surprise performers honouring Carole King. She was incredible.

You have 24 hours left to live. How do you spend it?
I would just head for the hills. That would suit me. But, really, I’d spend it with my kids and my wife, Kim.


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