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Interview / South American Tour 2017 / Tour 2017

Author: Claudio Vergara
Translator: Romy Sutherland

One of the most successful musicians of the seventies, James Taylor (69) speaks with La Tercera about his recent return to Chile along side Elton John. He recalls The Beatles and Bob Dylan and turns to the present to praise Taylor Swift and to express his apprehension over Trump.

Taylor’s world changed seven days ago when he launched his South American tour, which will take place in venues with crowd capacities of over ten thousand, a number that couldn’t be contained in the theaters he’s accustomed to, which typically hold about half that crowd.

“My music is intimate, but I think it works in these contexts, because we have even performed in stadiums. My ideal number for a show is four to five thousand, but the most important thing, even if there are many more than that, is that everyone is having a great time,” the singer commented over phone from Sao Paulo, where he performed on Thursday, preceding his arrival this Monday the 10th to Movistar Arena.

In this concert, and throughout his South American tour, Taylor will perform with Elton John, his contemporary with whom he is touring for the first time, now that both of them are well into the mature phase of their respective trajectories. “I’ve known him for years and we’ve worked together several times, but mainly for benefit events. I admire him a lot, his music is the most sophisticated and passionate of pop. I always thought it was a very good idea to tour together. Our managers are friends, the idea occurred to them and we said ‘Sure, why not?’ We began our careers at the same time, he perhaps six months or so earlier, but both of us were recording our albums in London at the end of the 60s, so you could say we were in the same graduating class.

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