Greatest Hits Volume 2

1.  Secret O’ Life LYRICS
2.  Handy Man LYRICS
3.  Your Smiling Face LYRICS
4.  Up On The Roof LYRICS
5.  Her Town Too LYRICS
6.  That’s Why I’m Here LYRICS
7.  Only A Dream In Rio LYRICS
8.  Everyday LYRICS
9.  Song For You Far Away LYRICS
10.  Never Die Young LYRICS
11.  (I’ve Got To) Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout That LYRICS
12.  Shed A Little Light LYRICS
13.  Copperline LYRICS
14.  Another Day LYRICS
15.  Little More Time With You LYRICS
16.  Enough To Be On Your Way LYRICS

Greatest Hits Volume 2 is singer-songwriter James Taylor’s third compilation album, released in 2000, 24 years after his first Greatest Hits album.