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James Taylor Network
Fan community dedicated to singer/songwriter James Taylor.
Concert Review / Misc Performances / Special Guest / Tanglewood

August 12, 2019 — Yo Yo Ma and James Taylor performed one of Taylor’s best loved and most popular songs, “Sweet Baby James.”

Thousands of people smiled and swayed to the music as the two master musicians serenaded thousands of people in The Shed and scattered across the lawn.

It was a magical ending to a magical night that many people will likely remember for many years. [masslive.com]

Article / Interview / Tour 2018

What’s special about Bonnie Raitt?
Bonnie is the genuine article and has a good picture of who she is and where she stands in the artistic world. If anything, I think she’s too modest.

What can we expect from the concert?
Bonnie and I have joined forces for about a year now. We’re excited about bringing it across the ocean and playing on the home turf. You’ll see a lot of Bonnie’s songs and a lot of mine.

Is music as important as ever to you?
Yes. My career has been a series of lucky coincidences. Getting my first break from the Beatles was the mother of all big breaks. I am forever grateful to Paul McCartney especially.

Would you want to start out again today?
It’s different with YouTube and social media, so I cannot imagine it. I think I’m from another era, and I guess I am a product of a time before this world.

How competitive are you in your career?
I know I am competitive but I also know it doesn’t do me any good. I suffer from professional jealousy but that doesn’t motivate me to play the game. I’ve never considered music a competitive sport.

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Article / Donation / Tour 2018

James Taylor is apologizing to fans following the cancellation of Friday night’s gala celebration at the Times Union Center.

The singer-songwriter and his wife have made a $10,000 donation to the Pediatric Emergency Department at Albany Medical Center, which was supposed to get part of the proceeds.

We thank superstar James Taylor & his wife, Albany native Kim Hessberg Taylor, for their generous $10K donation to our Pediatric Emergency Department. What a wonderful and kind gift! Our new emergency department, exclusively for children & teens, is scheduled to open this summer! pic.twitter.com/k3W1JwhWjG

— AlbanyMedicalCenter (@AlbanyMed) January 22, 2018

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Article / Interview / Tour 2017

Today, when we talk, James Taylor is in Georgia, which treats his sweet voice well.

He struggles more in the Southwest, where he has to take care to keep his vocal cords from getting too dry.

“When you’re young, your health will forgive any abuses,” Taylor says. “As time goes by, you learn not to play into nature’s hands so much.”

Those lines sound almost like the lyrics to a Taylor song. Time and nature come up time and again with him. Those themes – along with familial connections – have informed his music for 50 years now. And at 69, he’s still reflective about what makes a song work.

He’s been a more measured craftsman in the second half of his career. Taylor made 12 albums of original songs between 1968 and 1988. He’s made just four since 1991. But to hear those four is to hear an artist who spends a lot of time making his craft sound effortless. He also sobered up in the mid-’80s, so Taylor has been more engaged with the world, too.

“You join the world when you come to terms with addiction, that’s for sure,” he says. “I found out I hadn’t learned any skills or social cues or the habits you’re supposed to pick up between 18 and 35. When you’re addicted, you short-circuit all those life lessons. Playing catch-up is difficult and humiliating. But that’s what I’ve done.”

Taylor released “Before This World” in 2015 and will bring those songs along with his modern standards to the Toyota Center on Tuesday. Though it’s easy to see albums merely as collections of 10 to 12 reflections from a writer issued every couple of years, Taylor’s work holds together in an interesting way. His voice hasn’t failed him in the decades since he sounded weary and wise as a 20-year-old kid on “James Taylor” in 1968, which lends an ageless quality to his songs about the passing of time.

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